The Details

May 10, 2019


May 10, 2019

Join us for a celebration of dancing, music, and food the night before the big day.

The word Sangeet translates to ‘sung together’ from Sanskrit. ‘Gaun’, another word used to describe the event, means ‘songs’ or ‘to sing’ in Hindi.

Connecting the two families to each other, this pre-wedding celebration includes song and dance performed by relatives and friends of the Bride and Groom, and an open dance floor to commemorate the festivities for the following day.

If you would like to wear Indian clothing to an event, this would be a great one! There will also be opportunities to get mendhi (henna) done at this event.

May 11, 2019


May 11, 2019

The wedding day will be kicked off with the groom's procession as he travels to the wedding venue to meet his bride.

Follow the rhythm of the dhol, a double headed drum, and accompany Sameer and his family as they dance to the music along Michigan Avenue making their way to the wedding venue to meet Anna's awaiting family.

The Wedding:

May 11,2019

Following the Baraat, Anna's family will welcome Sameer and his family and the families will take part in a private Katuba signing (the Jewish wedding contract).

A combined Hindu / Jewish ceremony will then follow underneath the traditional Mandap / Chuppah.

The Reception:

May 11, 2019

It's Official!

Time to celebrate!

The Registries